Contractor Compliance Has NEVER Been Simpler

CQ Reports takes the guesswork out of contractor compliance with direct access to high value information and documents. There’s no software to configure and no training required. Just register and search – it’s that simple.

Certificate Verification

All certificates are verified to ensure they meet compliance standards including coverage amounts, expiry date and other critical data points.

Instant Prequalification

Gain critical contractor due diligence instantly. Search the contractor and download the Report. It's that simple.

Process Automation

Leave spreadsheets and manual tracking systems behind and gain the efficiency of online automation.

Certificate Tracking

Automated certificate tracking ensures you and your contractors are notified of certificate status well in advance of expiry dates.

Instant Access

Critical contractor information in report format. Nothing to configure and no training required. Instant download put meaningful data in your hands sooner.

Service Search

Search for contractors by service. CQ Reports incorporates the North American Industry Classification System to ensure consistent search results.

Purchaser Request

Want a Report for a specific contractor? Send a request through the system and receive an alert when the information is ready.

Backup & Security

Ecommerce makes Reports available anytime. Cloud storage ensures data back up and access security.

Free Registration

Contractors: Register and become searchable for free. Get your company in front of potential purchasers for no cost and no commitment.

How Much Data Is Needed To Prequalify Anyway?

65% of registry page views by clients are OSHA statistics, workers compensation performance and regulatory compliance responses.  This means registries require huge volumes of data that clients mostly don’t look at.

Contractor Registry Page Views by Clients

  • Compliance Data

  • All Other Content

Necessary Innovation

Simply put, conventional contractor registries provide too little value for too much money. Traditional registries, with their expensive contractor co-pay business models and proprietary approval systems, are needlessly expensive and complex.

Old-fashioned cut-and-paste compliance and other ‘built-for-billing’ services need serious reform for the well-being of your corporate bottom line and the integrity of the prequalification process.

Progressive purchasers and contractors alike are calling for innovation and cost reductions in every aspect of their operations. We decided to answer that call. CQ Reports cuts out low value data fields and registry-controlled approval systems to provide a no-nonsense, cost-effective approach to contractor due diligence and prequalification.

No Configuration. No Training. Free Registration. Free Search.